We have been communicating science to primary aged children for over 30 years. We are NOT teachers but have delivered science based workshops and shows for primary schools all over the UK and abroad.

Being STEAM ambassadors linked to Canterbury University in Kent we aim to deliver constructive / fun workshops linked to the primary curriculum. We have up to date DBS checks and public Liability

The main topics are: materials and their properties, sound, light, forces and living things and these are sub divided to lots of other things including electricity, animation, magnets etc. and cross linked with each other.

For home educators living in Kent and East Sussex, Gary will come to the home & visits can be arranged for ages 4 to 11 years  and prior to any visit a topic can be arranged for a 60 - 90 mins workshop.

These will be very interactive and at the end of each workshop the pupil would have made a simple toy related to the topic and there will be a web link available to follow up for further notes on that topic. Also there are many kits available linked to various topics that can be bought directly from this web page.

We look forward to hearing from you……………

Email:         sciencekitsuk@gmail.com

You can also purchase a lesson plan aimed at primary aged children that covers the main points of the primary science curriculum - great for revision too!

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